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Insource and rent some of our certified developers, architects, migration specialists, consultants and project managers for your business critical projects. Our top of market specialists, developers and consultants have great know-how in technical IT solutions such as Salesforce CRM, Navision, Axapta, E-conomic, SAP, Oracle, integration etc.

You can insource our specialists, developers and consultants for eg. 1-12 month or as you like. You can manage the ressource or team according to your project needs, or we can manage the team and project for you.

You can insource the top of market certified specialists, developers and consultants at TURNER & KO, and as example we can suggest:

  • Salesforce CRM Certified
  • Salesforce CRM Project Manager
  • Salesforce CRM Developer
  • Salesforce CRM Architect
  • Salesforce CRM Consultant
  • Salesforce CRM Migration Specialist
  • Salesforce CRM Integration Expert
  • Salesforce CRM Supporter
  • ADvendio / Ad Sales System Management ekspert
  • ADvendio Project Manager
  • ADvendio Consultant
  • ADvendio Developer
  • ADvendio Architect
  • ERP System Certified
  • Navision Developer
  • Navision Consultant
  • Axapta Developer
  • Axapta Consultant
  • SAP Developer
  • SAP Consultant
  • Oracle Developer
  • Oracle Consultant 
  • E-conomic Developer
  • E-conomic Consultant
  • Other Certified
  • MailChimp Developer 
  • MailChimp Consultant
  • Integration Consultant
  • Optimization Consultant
  • Lean Consultant
  • Business Process Consultant

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