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Salesforce CRM is the Worlds leading cloud CRM platform and Salesforce CRM is with out doubt the users favorite business and CRM system. Salesforce CRM is also the favorite for the Sales Manager, Marketing Manager, Service Manager, CIO, CFO and CEO. The main reasons is the userfriendly interface of Salesforce CRM, effectivity, speed, intuitive, great overview, easy to implement and integrate, and this assure this CRM system deliver the best ROI, compared to other IT, ERP and CRM systems. 

Since 2009 and until today, Salesforce CRM have been awarded the best CRM system by users all over the World. Salesforce CRM have achieved several acknowledgements and has been awarded the most innovative company in modern time.

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Get help and support with implementation of your Salesforce CRM project with TURNER & KO Consulting Denmark.

TURNER & KO has a long track record history with Salesforce CRM since 2001 - a very unique story
The owner of TURNER & KO, CEO Finn Harreby Jepsen, started working with Salesforce CRM back in 2001. In the years 2005 to 2007 he was responsible for the introduction of Salesforce CRM on the Danish market. Salesforce CRM also worked together with TURNER & KO, as consulting, implementation and development partner on bigger Salesforce projects, when the projects required extraordinary know-how and management. So at TURNER & KO, we have long and much experience with the Salesforce CRM platform.

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The Salesforce CRM cloud platform is flexsible and scalable for most requirements, for SMB and enterprise companies
Salesforce CRM has a core platform with many modules, functions, API, workflows, role and profile management, mobile applications for smart phones and tablets, and several plug-ins for eg. Outlook, Gmail, marketing systems etc. On top of the platform there is a developer platform were everything is possible to develop and twist. Today we design and develop Salesforce CRM for all business needs with all the unique required business apps, interfaces and business processes which are needed now and prepared for the future needs. The platform is future-proof for our clients.

Consulting partner with deep technical business knowledge
TURNER & KO in Denmark is a great consulting partner for your Salesforce CRM project implementation. Our deep technical and business processing know-how makes us unique, and we can easy design the right business model for your business. We deliver all services needed for Salesforce CRM implementations, from consulting, design, implementation, development, migration, integration, training and to support.

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Business flow and data access in one system - we centralize data from sales, marketing, service, finance in Salesforce CRM
TURNER & KO make it possible to access data from your Salesforce CRM in real time. We connect your CRM with business units, business applications and IT systems in one integrated business flow. Often it will be valuable to let relevant data and master data be well connected and integrated between Salesforce CRM and other IT system. This business model gives great insigt and overview of customer key data which will increase customer service level and response time dramatically in most companies. Your employees will be able to access relevant data in realtime and with out any need to login to many different IT systems daily. Our well documentet know-how will be great vitamins for your business. 

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