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Aller Media released the new ad sales management solution in 2018 which move the business toward more cloud based IT infrastructure and Nordic aligned business processes on a common Nordic ad sales print and digital platform.

Aller Media ADvendio ad sales management solution partner in Denmark TURNER & KO


  • Aller Media is a leading media company in the Nordics and produce around 90 print magazines, plus websites and social media sites, and Aller wanted to go the cloud way and align the Nordic ad sales business in Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland.
  • Due to increasing competition in the market they needed to become more competitive and flexible in sales and booking of ads, so the Nordic alignment and flexibility was important factors.


  • Aller Media has choosen the ADvendio solution as their future ad sales platform which is binding beautiful together all the ad sales applications for quoting, booking, ad material delivery, to invoicing of print and digital ads in multi-currency.
  • The ADvendio solution is build on Salesforce CRM cloud and can connect all relevant applications to handle all the print and digital ad sales and booking in any media.
  • Mr. Finn Harreby Jepsen, Project Manager / Technical Consultant at TURNER & KO managed the huge ADvendio / Salesforce CRM project at Aller Media from start until go-live as the senior project manager.
  • As key player in managing and connecting the Aller Media business people, their different mindsets, business processes, technical solutions, and for some people chaotic differentiated IT infrastructure and data, Finn Harreby Jepsen managed to get everyone into a common mindset and solution across business units and countries.
  • After several analysis of the business, IT infrastructure and several workshops with key players in all Nordic divisions including sales management in all business units, finance management etc., the solution was designed and build to align the Nordic ad sales solution.
  • The new solution is handling the full sales process in ad sales for print and digital in the Nordic countries from leads, to qualifying, to sales, quote and order management, ad material delivery, to invoicing in multi-currencies and well integrated to Navision ERP. 


  • Cut down and savings on old outdated applications after moving more into the cloud.
  • Savings on cloud IT handling and storage costs.
  • Increased real time overview and efficiency in sales across the Nordic countries and multiple business units.
  • Time saving in customer handling in sales, quoting, booking, ad material placement, customer service and finance.
  • Higher mobility and easy access to create quote, bookings and sales in real time.
  • New user-friendly all-in-one ad sales and booking platform for handling all sales of print and digital ads in Aller Media.
  • Smart intelligent real time quoting and selection between thousand of ad combinations for print & digital in 90 magazines and hundred websites.

Finn Harreby Jepsen, Senior Project Manager for the ADvendio project at Aller Media says: 
"It was a great journey to implement a great ad sales system like ADvendio in Aller Media and work together with so many nice people in Aller Media and in ADvendio. Naturally the project had many challenges with alignment of the many business units, many processes and many different IT applications, aligned into one Nordic platform which should change the daily life at Aller Media, but in a smooth way. At the same time the data structure, finance systems and ad delivery platforms were not aligned in the Nordics, so several changes and optimizations of the ERP systems and data structure was also needed as part of my project, plus design of a new Nordic ad delivery platform. I am sure Aller Media will have great value and pleasure working on the new Nordic platform".

So far, we have now managed three implementations of Salesforce / ADvendio projects for the three biggest media companies in Denmark / Nordics. We have become the media business experts in consulting and implementations of Salesforce CRM and ad sales booking solutions for print and digital, and fully integrated with ERP. We are looking forward to more challenges and projects for the media companies.

If you are a media company and would like to know more about how we can help your business with digital transformation, then please contact us here or call us at tel. +45 7070 1036.

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