CRM Statements

Hundred thousands of customers are very satisfied with the number one global leading CRM platform. Here we bring a few statements made by customers that confirm the huge value this application bring.

Colin Wiel, Managing Partner at Wiel Brian: "Without Salesforce, we would not be able to close on our current rate of 30 to 40 homes a month. Cloud 2 technologies are the cornerstone of our technology strategy and enable us to be a twenty-first century real estate company and help those affected by the housing crisis." 

Founded with the vision to blend value-add real estate and the creative use of technology, Wiel Brien is using the Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Salesforce Chatter and multiple custom applications built on the platform with mobile functionality delivered on the iPad for its mission to make its Home Affordable Again™ program successful.

Henrik Nielsen, Sales Director Nordics at Primagaz: "Salesforce CRM is the central platform in our digitalization process of Primagaz. We need to reduce paperwork and make sales teams more mobile and effective with access to many kinds of data in realtime. TURNER & KO helped us in this process with uptimization of sales and service processes, and design of the Salesforce CRM platform."

Torben Lundberg, CIO at Berlingske Media: "Berlingske Media is a leading media company in Denmark and is managing more than 120 newspapers and websites. We needed to uptimize our business processes and IT to make Berlingske Media more effective. Great service, correct quotes and bookings in real time is essential for our business. We decided to go with the cloud based business platform Salesforce CRM Enterprise. First TURNER & KO helped us over three month analyzing all our business processess and weakness, and suggested the new approach that would make our business 35-40% more effective. Then TURNER & KO designed and implemented the Salesforce CRM platform in only 4 month within budget and time. Great service and delivery on time."