Salesforce CRM and Process Optimization Case - Berlingske Media

The Berlingske Media reports increased efficiency and increase in sales from the turn-around and process optimization project.

salesforce crm - process optimization - cloud computing - berlingske media


  • Berlingske Media produce print and digital services, and needed to become more effective and increase sales.
  • Due to increasing competition in the market they needed to change focus fast.
  • They had to build a customer centric organisation that could focus more on customers needs and behaviour.
  • There was lack of customer service and knowledge about the customers was not structured well.
  • IT infrastructure could be better.


  • Berlingske Media choose TURNER & KO to challenge their excising procedures, applications, management and employees.
  • Through analysis of the organisation and workshops with key players in all divisions we looked into business and IT processes through the customer lifecycle.
  • We suggested a turn-around plan showing exact effect, value and increase in turnover.
  • The new strategic plan was approved by the top management.
  • New IT application such as Salesforce CRM and processes were implemented over the following three month.


  • Value of time saved in processes and customer handling equal to 8% of turnover yearly.
  • Increase in efficiency and more time for real sales 35%.
  • Increase in turnover 10% per year. 
  • Increase in customer satisfaction value from 62% to 95%.
  • Higher mobility and easy access to create quote and sales in real time.
  • Smart intelligent real time quote calculations and selection between more than 10.000 add combinations.
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