Salesforce CRM Case - GN Resound (3.000 employees)

GN Resound reports increased service and more efficient sales management with Salesforce CRM.

Salesforce CRM case - GN Resound


  • GN Resound, a global leader in hearing aids, needed a global CRM solution to support its service, sales and marketing efforts.
  • The organization was primarily using Microsoft CRM, Outlook and Excel for customer handling.
  • The global organisation needed a more efficent and common platform across 25 countries as they did not have a common platform.
  • GN Resound needed centralization of data in a global CRM solution that could help global cooperation and reporting in realtime.


  • After evaluating all leading CRM systems, GN Resound choose Salesforce CRM Enterprise Edition.
  • Salesforce CRM help GN Resound manage sales processes, partners, customers, pipeline local and global, automate business processes, marketing processes and campaigns.
  • With help from consultants and developers from TURNER & KO, the Salesforce CRM solution has been implemented to 800 users in 25 countries.
  • Over time support and uptimization have been done by our consultants and developers.


  • GN Resound has increased their sales and marketing processes which has given customers better service.
  • Realtime customer data available to the global sales and service team gives correct communication.
  • The global sales teams have now visibility of sales activities and better forecast prediction.

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