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Primagaz reports increased sales efficiencies, improved opportunity management and customer service level after implementation of Salesforce CRM integrated with Navision.

Salesforce CRM Case - Referencer - Salgsløsning - Salgsprocesser - Denmark - Norway - Sweden - Austria - Switzerland - Germany - France


  • Primagaz is a leader in gaz distribution, and they asked for help and advice from TURNER & KO how to design and develop a new modern CRM system with full integration to their Navision ERP system, and Outlook.
  • The new platform should be able to handle their special unique one-to-one custom price lists and discounting, improve the sales processes, improve pipeline overview in the Nordic countries and improve customer service among others.
  • The organization was using Navision ERP system and Microsoft Outlook, and all three Nordic countries had a different setup. 
  • Many incorrect data and records in Navision, design of Navision was inefficient, and there were many mis-match relationship in records.
  • It was difficult for the employees and management to have overview of the pipeline and customer history.


  • After evaluating various systems and suppliers, Primagaz decided to work with TURNER & KO with the best Salesforce/Navision technical and business relevant know-how.
  • Primagaz would need a centralized Nordic CRM platform in the cloud which could integrate with Navision, and the platform would need to help manage pipeline, track sales team activities, and improve reporting.
  • After evaluation of partners, "TURNER & KO" was choosen to design and develop the Salesforce CRM platform with integration to Navision.
  • TURNER & KO designed and developed the new Salesforce CRM platform for Primagaz, optimized the Navision platform, cleaned the data and migrated the data back on right track in the new business flow.
  • TURNER & KO integrated the Navision with Salesforce CRM, and migrated data and 8-years of historical data.
  • Ipads were purchased to all in the Nordic sales team, to give them easy data access and mobility.
  • At kick-off in 2011, TURNER & KO rolled out a training program to the employees in the Nordic countries, and after a face-to-face country-by-country 3-days training tour, all employees could start on the new platform at the same time.


  • Primagaz has improved sales efficiency, processes, reporting local and Nordic, and can now overview the pipeline status based on exact products and product groups in the Salesforce CRM platform.
  • Primagaz has improved data quality, so now employees can rely on the data.
  • Primagaz has improved the overview of data and processes, customer unique prices and discount per product, unique terms and conditions each customer, overview of orders and invoices.
  • Primagaz has improved customer service level because the sales and customer service employees can now very easy overview all customer data, price list and discount, orders, pipeline, cases, sales history etc., all from one central application.
  • Increased mobility, so the salesteam can now access all relevant data from their Ipad and smartphone on the fly.
  • Salesteam can report and update pipeline in real time immediately after a sales/customer meeting.
  • Two years after go-live, TURNER & KO supported and maintained the Salesforce CRM / Navision platform from 2012-2013.

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