Salesforce CRM Case - Reputation Institute

Reputation Institute reports increased efficiencies and better opportunity management with Salesforce CRM.

Salesforce CRM Case - Reputation Institute


  • Reputation Institute, a global leader in branding delivery, needed a CRM solution to support its sales and consulting efforts.
  • The organization was primarily using Microsoft Outlook to capture customer information and Excel to manage pipeline. Managers wanted an easier way to maintain client data so they could do a better job of providing integrated sales and pipeline management.
  • The company wanted a centralized global engagement CRM solution that would help it better manage opportunities, track sales team activities and better reporting.


  • After evaluating Microsoft and Siebel, and considering homegrown options, Reputation Institute chose Salesforce CRM Professional Edition.
  • The partner TURNER & KO, deployed Salesforce CRM to 30 users in 8 countries in sales and consulting over a 6-month period.
  • Salesforce CRM Sales help Reputation Institute manage sales processes, pipeline local and global, marketing processes and campaigns, automate workflows, and track and measure activities for more than 10,000 accounts and prospects.
  • Reputation Institute got integrated procedures and processes for pitching large opportunities with Salesforce CRM to increase efficiencies and drive high adoption rates. 
  • Dashboards provide fast access to performance metrics including sales, new accounts and activities; reports are now structured for local and global users in the entire organization, recognizing key performers.
  • Reputation Institute installed sales dashboards from the AppExchange for more in depth analysis of activity rates against opportunities; adoption dashboards monitor Salesforce CRM usage and data quality.
  • Integration with Microsoft Outlook keeps customer information and communications in sync; reps can access contact information, accounts, leads and pipeline from Salesforce CRM on the road using Salesforce CRM directly from their BlackBerry and iPhone devices.
  • TURNER & KO Copenhagen supportteam helps Reputation Institute get fast answers to questions local and global, so it can get the most out of its investment.
  • Reputation Institute plans to integrate project management, proprietary proposal and billing systems with Salesforce CRM in next phase.


  • Reputation Institute has increased visibility to sales activities local/global and individual performance. Managers appreciate the ability to recognize top performers and address under-performance.
  • Increased customer visibility enables reps to have global visibility of their global enterprise customers and better address customer needs; integrated procedures and processes shorten sales cycles for large opportunities.
  • TURNER & KO Copenhagen's customization of Salesforce CRM, makes it easier for managers and consultants to create new quotations and campaigns as well as visibility of global and local customers and their branding score.

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