SEO Consulting Case - reports increased sales and traffic from search engines by organic search engine optimization by TURNER & KO.

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  •, a cruise agency that deliver luxury cruises from various cruise lines, needed to be more visible on the internet in search engines like Google, Yahoo and MSN.
  • They wanted to have their services branded to the public in a cost efficient way to increase sales.
  • The organization was primarily using the basic setup and structure of their CMS system as they thought was the right way to publish new information on the website.
  • The company wanted an organic search engine friendly website that would help deliver customers.


  • After evaluating suppliers of SEO services, and considering do-it-yourself options, choose TURNER & KO Copenhagen SEO Consulting to do their organic search engine optimization.
  • With the help of SEO experts from TURNER & KO Copenhagen, the organic search engine optimization was deployed in 30 days in one language.
  • The TURNER & KO Copenhagen SEO consulting expert helped manage optimization of webpages and content as well as new pages/content.
  • got procedures integrated in the daily business processes, so they could optimize content and webpages.


  • has increased sales with 35% with the many top positions in the search engines.
  • Increase in organic traffic and branding awareness from search engines with 110%.
  • Cruise lines appreciate the inceased sales and branding by
  • has become a well established cruise travel operator in the market. 
  • With the more organic traffic from search engines, save cost on other costly marketing campaigns.

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