SEO Consulting Case - SAS Scandinavian Airline

SAS Scandinavian Airline increased sales on their websites due to more organic traffic from search engines.

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  • SAS Scandinavian Airline has for many year been one of the leading airline companies in the World and the leading airline in the Nordic countries, and now they needed SEO expertise to increase ticket sale and visibility for their campaign websites on the internet in search engines like Google, Yahoo and MSN.
  • SAS had increasing competition from the global low fare airlines, and therefore they had to launch a few campaign websites to booth traffic and customers.
  • It would be critical and important for SAS to have many top positions and top ranking in the search engines.


  • The professionel SEO consulting team at TURNER & KO, started with analyzing the competition in the search engines on relevant keywords and phrases.
  • TURNER & KO created a SEO strategy and designed the structure for better results. 
  • TURNER & KO optimized the structure of the websites and SEO optimized every webpage, so most SAS relevant keywords could get top positions and high ranking in search engines.


  • SAS increased converting from organic search results and increased sales with nearly 20%.
  • With the increase in organic traffic from Google, MSN, Yahoo, and branding awareness in search engines, SAS was able to handle the increasing competition from other airlines.
  • SAS saved cost on expensive alternative marketing activities such as Google Adwords and pay-per-click campaigns, due to increase in website traffic from the professional organic search engine optimization made by TURNER & KO team.

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